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Preparations for Dental Implants Abroad or Loca

Posted on: 10 Jul 2013

Due to inflationary factors and the strength of the Pound Sterling dental implants abroad have become considerably cheaper than the same procedures here at home, which does have an up-side, the difference is more often enough for you to afford th
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Dental Implants Abroad is a Holiday Too, but be

Posted on: 08 Jul 2013

Certain arrangements you need to know about before you start treatment. It is accepted practice that you should be given a written summary of your treatment planning discussions, pertaining to your current dental situation and any alternatives, i
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Dental Implantology UK & Dental Implants Abroad

Posted on: 01 Jul 2013

When a decision has to be made concerning any dental implants, it will be wise if you choose Dentalwise for dental implants abroad. In that instance you will enjoy
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Dental Implant Advice from Dentalwise and Denta

Posted on: 27 Jun 2013

One must never read any medical related article on any website and take that as gospel, every person who may require medical treatment of any kind, is unique and your condition and/or requirements can never be solved by generalised information ba
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Extensive Bone Loss May Prohibit Dental Implant

Posted on: 24 Jun 2013

Whenever a tooth is lost or extracted a considerable amount of the bone that once surrounded the remaining root portion may disappear. This loss can be particularly rapid during the first few months and is described as ‘bone resorption&rsqu
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Prevent Dental Loss, Prevent Dental Implants

Posted on: 19 Jun 2013


Diabetes sucks. Plain and simple so, do not neglect it, neglect may lead to teeth decay, mass extractions and in turn may require you to hunt for low cost dental implants
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Dental Implants Cover a Wide and Interesting Fi

Posted on: 12 Jun 2013

Previously we discussed the very basic, What a dental implant actually entails and how many implants you may expect to receive depending on the present condition of your teeth, now we proceed with more informative chapters on the subject.

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The Following Series: All You Need to Know abou

Posted on: 07 Jun 2013

The ADI sounds a bit like those prolific acronyms used ceaselessly in the American TV action series, possibly referring to “Across Desert Invasions” but have no fear when DentalWise is near, this site is Read Full Article »

It is a Long Term Fact, Dental Implants Do Work

Posted on: 03 Jun 2013


Basel, 12 December 2012 – New research findings have just been published from one of the largest long-term clinical studies on the survival and success of dental implants.The stud
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