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Dental Implantology UK & Dental Implants Abroad

Dental Implantology UK & Dental Implants Abroad

Posted on: 01 Jul 2013

When a decision has to be made concerning any dental implants, it will be wise if you choose Dentalwise for dental implants abroad. In that instance you will enjoy absolute world class surgery and care in the most modern facilities in Budapest, cared for by top class qualified personnel, at such an affordable rate you will be able to enjoy an incredible foreign holiday for a total amount which may not even match the expense for similar dental implant surgery locally in the UK.


During the period after the new teeth are fitted, the success of each treatment stage will be the main factor determining how the implants are performing. Once the implants and surrounding soft tissues are seen to be healthy and the new teeth comfortable and correctly adjusted, it is the quality of your home care and willingness to present yourself for regular maintenance reviews that will have most influence on how long they will last.

When poorly cared for, implants will develop a covering of hard and soft deposits (calculus and plaque) which is very similar to that found on neglected natural teeth. Untreated, these deposits can lead to gum infection, bleeding, soreness and general discomfort, just as can occur around natural teeth. It could probably be said that implants much like your naturally born with teeth will last for as long as you can keep them clean.

Well maintained implants placed into adequate bone can be expected to last for many years and probably for your lifetime. However, just as you would expect conventional crowns, bridges and fillings to need occasional repairs or replacements during their lifetime, your implant-supported teeth may also have similar maintenance requirements over theirs, which is part of dental maintenance, like it was your car which needed periodic care and services.


When consulting someone to find out more about dental implants you will be expected to answer detailed questions concerning your medical history and there will be a complete examination of your mouth and remaining teeth to discover the nature and extent of any current dental problems. If you do not have up-to-date x-rays of your remaining teeth you may also be required to have new ones taken. Sometimes models and photos will also be needed so that these can be examined after your visit.

As described earlier, establishing good basic dental health is a key stage in any treatment plan. At this first appointment you should be made aware of which problems are urgent, and what treatment is required to stabilise any gum or tooth related problems. It would be reasonable to expect a verbal outline of how your particular implant treatment might be approached. If you are discussing this type of treatment with a dentist that you have been seeing for many years, much of this information will already be known.

In the instance of a person already wearing dentures, the most critical qualifier will be the amount of bone loss suffered over the years since the last teeth had been extracted.                                  

Be Wise, call Dentalwise.


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