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Dental Tourism in Budapest

Dental Tourism in Budapest

Posted on: 01 Apr 2013

Can you imagine going on a vacation, getting your teeth done and save money? It may sound too good to be true. However, what you are imaging is called dental tourism. Many people have already experienced this subcategory of medical tourism and decided to combine pleasure with solving practical issues such as missing teeth.

By definition, dental tourism is going on a short vacation (3-12 days) outside your country in order to have any kind of dental treatment.  Usually, people accept the idea because of the obvious price difference that exists. After dentistry abroad became popular, Budapest has become one of the biggest dental tourism attractions. In contrast to UK’s high living standard and high prices for dental procedures, in Hungary the living standard is much lower and consequently the prices are notably cheaper. After adding up the low cost flight tickets and the pretty affordable accommodation, not only are you saving money, but you are also getting affordable dental implants abroad and a chance to visit a beautiful city.

Your stay duration is defined by the procedure that has to be done. However, staying a day or two more than needed would not be a mistake. Depending on the planned budget, one can find accommodation in a three star hotels from 35 Euros per night. Budapest has excellent and cheap public transport that would make you able to visit every tourist attraction without spending too much money. Before visiting the dentist, make sure to visit some of the national restaurant where you could taste the delicious Hungarian specialties.  At night it is highly recommended to take a walk and visit the marvellous sights of The Chain Bridge, Buda Castle and the Hungarian Parliament Building.

Of course, the main goal of dental tourism is taking care of dental problems and visiting Budapest is really a smart thing to do. In Budapest, and in Hungary overall, there are one of the best professionals in the field of dental care in Europe. Hungarian dentist are aware of the existence of dental tourism and that is why they usually own international accreditations and are part of international dental organisations.

Which dental problems can be fixed in Budapest? Well, the answer is – all! However, the more expensive is the solution in the UK, the more cost-effective your trip will be. Most of the people visit Budapest in order to have dental surgeries, indentation of dental implants, diagnosis and for dental cosmetics reasons. For illustration, getting dental implants Budapest would cost you three times cheaper than in the UK.

To sum up, dental tourism is increasingly popular with a reason. If you want to safe your budget, travel and have a beautiful smile, then Budapest could be just the place you need to visit. You will find a great city that offers fun, tradition and extra service for your teeth. 


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