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Dentistry Treatments Prices

Dentistry Treatments Prices

Posted on: 12 Mar 2013

Dentistry Treatments Prices keep rising and have become unreachable for most people. However with the new dentistry abroad movement you can afford a high quality treatment without the price tag.  But how other countries can undercut UK prices without compromising quality? Dentistry abroad is particularly beneficial for those who find the UK dental practices very expensive and also for those who want to take advantage of the competitive and low cost dental implants abroad and enjoy a city break without breaking the bank. Some people like the idea of coming back from holidays with a beautiful smile, improving their confidence and self-esteem. Teeth whitening and low cost dental implants are the most common treatments chosen by Britons.

 Check the factors that are taken into consideration to determine the value of a dental treatment

1) Dental work. Each patient has different needs and it will require a different treatment and the amount of dental work and time will vary depending on each specific circumstances,  this will result in different dentistry fees.

2) Dental Practice. Prices will also vary depending on the level of standards, reputation and technological advancements of the dental practice, even the best dental clinics in Hungary are considerably cheaper than any other in the UK.

3) Dentist. Experience and qualifications play an important role when you are choosing a dentist. Living costs in Hungary are considerably cheaper than UK and therefore salaries are lower in comparison to UK wages.

4) Quality.  Materials play a decisive role when adding a price.  Quality is the most important factor for a successful dental care treatment, and patients shouldn’t shortcut.  Unfortunately, good quality materials cost the same everywhere in the world and you can’t cut prices for you have to pay the price for that.

5) After care and extras. Those include follow-up appointments, maintenance and medicines that you might need after your dental treatment is completed. 

After analysing all those factors, we can conclude that the competitive prices are the result of the considerably cheaper cost of living in Hungary that can reduce wages and operational costs, transferring those savings to the patients.


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