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Finding a dentist abroad

Finding a dentist abroad

Posted on: 05 Mar 2013

First thing you should know, because lots of people have doubts about dental experts from abroad is that any dentist practising in the countries from the European union must meet minimum qualifications laid down by the countries they operate and also the Association of Dental Education in Europe has brought standardisation procedures for EU dentistry universities. That means that all of the countries in the European Union (which includes Hungary) will guarantee high quality dental treatment. Finding an dentist abroad could save your smile, just like a lot of Brits who left UK to find cheaper dental treatment in European cities like Budapest. Losing your teeth is upsetting enough, but hearing about the UK dentist high prices for an implant procedure is even worse. Tooth lost can happen from accident, gum disease or even from grinding your teeth at night. The cheap solution for many who have teeth problems lies in finding a dentist abroad and traveling to Europe for treatment.For example, more and more people decide to get their dental implants abroad.

Get your smile back for half price

That’s exactly what lots of people from UK do when they lose teeth and they are quoted more than they can afford to get their smile back. People who had that kind of experience recommend Budapest so people are intrigued by the idea and they do a research. They found out that Budapest is full of excellent dental clinics that offer world class treatment but with a much lower dental implants prices than the ones in UK. After visiting a clinic in Budapest and after the procedures they calculated that they saved up to 40% on the prices quoted to him in UK. Ten thousands of people are traveling overseas for a dental procedure. They chose Budapest cause of the high quality standards in dentistry and cause of the easy travel arrangements. So if you decide to go abroad for dentistry procedures have in mind that you need to consider journey time and the cost of the dentistry procedure. Some treatments like dental implants may need two trips, so countries further than Europe may not be practical. Have in mind that Budapest is just an two hours flight from UK, so it’s much more appealing than say traveling to India or Mexico.

Cosmetic treatments abroad

Lots of people also go abroad for cosmetic dental treatments. Chipped or wonky teeth are easily fixed with veneers, but the prices in UK are high because cosmetic treatments are not available in NHS. This kind of dental work can restore your smile and will help you feel like a different person. For many it’s a nightmare doing this kind of treatments at home cause of the high prices, but prices overseas in places like Hungary can help your dreams come true. The calculator used on Dental wise can give you a good idea on how much you can saveif you travel abroad (coming soon). Using the Calculator based on your needs, you can see instantly how much you can save. Also it gives you the option, if you are happy with the price to book a meeting with your dental experts.


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