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The best start for the mother and child

The best start for the mother and child

Posted on: 25 Feb 2013

Healthy teeth in pregnancy

Have you heard about the saying:
"Every child is costing me one tooth '"? Fortunately, today we have comprehensive knowledge on oral health with using appropriate precautions, so no pregnant woman should fear for her teeth.

Prophylaxis and control at the dentist

Primarily in pregnancy, hormonal changes during pregnancy and maternity beds require particular attention to the care of the teeth. Loosening the gums pregnancy facilitates the creation of bacteria.
Due to hormonal changes will be disturbed and the volume of acid saliva and all that promotes the formation of cavities. Professional teeth cleaning from the beginning of pregnancy and regular checkups to the dentist reduce risk of developing teeth and gums because these diseases and dental caries can be transferred to newborn.

Healthy eating in pregnancy to support dental health

Optimal supply of newborns in developing the all-important nutrient matter creates an optimum basis for healthy development. It is especially important to supply minerals, vitamins and proteins. The need for energy is not increased in the same proportion as the need for important nutrients. Prior to exchange propagated in pregnancy should "eat for two" is obsolete. It is more important to continuously take foods that contain a lot of nutrients, such as: vegetables, fruits, leguminous vegetables, potato products Solid grains, nonfat milk and fish and lean meat. These foods contain in itself a lot of iron, iodine and calcium for which there is increased needs during pregnancy and lactation.

Eat and drink foods / drinks containing sugar only during the main
meals, and do not take sugary drinks and foods in between. Note that the hidden sugar found in snacks such as breakfast cereals, honey, fruit juices and yogurts.

Foods rich in calcium strengthen tooth enamel. Milk and milk products such as yogurt, a variety of cheeses, as well as broccoli, kale, fennel and nuts are placed on the top of the list of healthy foods. If you want to have it, and healthy drink, then use a mineral water rich in calcium and fluorides.

Fluoride prevents tooth decay, which can’t be found only in the toothpaste, but also
ingredients such as salt, black and green tea, produced from full grain, saltwater fish and red grapes.

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