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What should I do to have healthy teeth and periodontium? PREVENTION! Follow these steps:

What should I do to have healthy teeth and periodontium? PREVENTION! Follow these steps:

Posted on: 25 Feb 2013

1.    Brush your teeth after every meal or twice a day, morning and evening
2.    Use caries protective mouthwashes
3.    Replace your toothbrush every two or three months.
4.    Use dental floss and / or inter-dental brushes before each brushing.
5.    Clean language has special cleaning spatulas - very comfortable and practical.
6.    Do not eat too many sweets and sticky foods, avoid cola and carbonated drinks
7.    Note in your organizer or calendar next dentist appointment after 6 months for check-up and cleaning of tartar
8.    Use proper technique for brushing with a toothbrush
10.  When you can’t brush your teeth during the day, use sugarless gum or eat an apple

Plaque can lead to chronic inflammation and cause serious health problems. This plaque is the primary cause of tooth decay. If you do not develop caries, due to the adequate amount of fluoride, plaque causes gingivitis, which is the precursor to periodontal disease and periodontal. This is a serious health risk. Plaque bacteria entering the bloodstream through infected periodontal pockets: this poster is partly the cause of heart disease, stroke and other health complications. The solution:

Individually adapted and fixed in size and type of dental floss, toothbrushes, inter-dental brushes, toothpastes and mouthwashes prevent inflammation in the oral cavity.

Caries is the most common disease of the hard dental tissues. In the absence of adequate treatment, caries can progress and develop complications of caries:

caries -> pulpitis -> periodontitis -> cyst -> abscess (phlegmon) -> osteomyelitis

When caries is found is necessary to be immediately treated by your dentist. Do not delay unnecessarily treating tooth decay because it makes it difficult and expensive treatment.
Prevention of dental caries is a complex activity. It depends on the establishment of preventive habits, and responsibility for it is divided equally between the patient and dentist. It is estimated that the cost of preventive measures is one-tenth the cost of a possible cure. Not to be missed, and the fact that any one treatment or another event is invasive in terms of biological structures, with the result that they never recover 100%. Advice of your dentist for caries prevention:

1. Regular and proper cleaning of teeth
2. Use mouthwashes to reduce the bacterial flora
3. Fluorine and nutritional prevention.
4. Silanizing deep fissures
5. Regular check-ups and treatment of small cavities


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